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Park Guidelines

Opunake Beach Holiday Park Guidelines

Our Holiday Park Guidelines are to ensure all Guests have an enjoyable holiday experience.  The guidelines are a balance between having a good time, respecting others and getting a good night’s sleep. 

Barrier Arm: This is not to be played with. Each vehicle requires a swipe card to enter – ask at the Office if you require an extra card. Do not use your card to let another vehicle in or out as this will de-activate your card. Always swipe on the driver’s side. Your card will de-activate on the day of your departure.

BBQs: there are two gas BBQs for Guests’ use near the park kitchen. Please clean up after use. You are welcome to bring your own gas BBQ. Open fires are not permitted.

Beach Swimming: Adhere to the Life Guards when on duty and the beach signs. Swimming is safer in front of the Life Saving Club.

Behaviour + Conduct: Quietness between 10.30pm and 7am. New Year’s Eve is 1am (the only exception). Reasonable behaviour and dress is required. Smoking is recommended off the park grounds. Liquor to be consumed on own site or in accommodation units. Excessive drinking and parties are forbidden. Illegal drugs will not be tolerated – Police will be called. Payment of a $50 per person behaviour bond may be required. Consideration must be shown at all times to other guests. Breach of these rules will result in you being required to leave the park immediately without refund.

Bookings: All bookings must be made by an adult, 20 years or over, who will be present and responsible for the conduct of all Guests at all times.
Campsite Power Points for Caravans / Campervans: All vans must have current WOFs, be RCD compliant and comply with LPG Standard (NZS 5428:1996). All self-contained campervans and caravans must have their own wastewater container. All waste must be emptied in dump stations – there is a dump station adjacent to the holiday park on Beach Road and in Aytoun Street (last road on left heading south out of Opunake).

Check-Out: is 10am. Please return your swipe card to the Office or through the hole in the window. Replacement cards cost $20. Re-entry to the holiday park is not permitted after check-out.

Cleaning: The amenities are cleaned between 10.00-12.00pm each day (with extra cleans in the peak period). Please avoid using the amenities during these times to allow staff to clean thoroughly. A toilet will be made available. Please use the outside showers to wash sand off before entering showers.

Children: Children are parent’s or caregiver’s responsibility and to be controlled and supervised at all times. Helmets to be worn when riding a bike in the park – NO bike riding after dusk.

Damage: Cost of damage to property or accommodation will be recovered from Guest.

Fish Cleaning: Please gut and clean your fish in the ocean. For further cleaning please use the facility behind the amenities block. Fish or fish bait is not to be kept in the park fridges / freezers - it will be thrown out if found.

Laundry Facilities: The laundry is located by the kitchen. Both the washing machines and dryers take $4.00 (2x$2.00 coins). Washing powder is 1x$2 coin in the dispenser on the wall or from the Office. Coins are available from the Office during open hours. A washing line is behind the laundry.

Lost Property: any non-perishable items left behind will be kept in the Office for 2 weeks (perishable items will be disposed of). To have your item returned to you advise the Office and send a self-addressed paid courier bag to PO Box 35, Opunake 4635.

Paddling Pool – seasonal (STDC): Parental guidance at all times is recommended. Please keep your head above the water.

Parking: Parking is only on your allocated site – no parking on the internal park road. Additional cars can be parked outside the holiday park at owner’s risk. Do not park on vacant sites that you have not paid for.

Pets: Not admitted in peak times – unless service or guide dog and to be arranged prior to arrival. Off peak time is by negotiation.

Rubbish: To be recycled or wrapped and placed in receptacles provided.

Security Cameras: We have a number of security cameras operating in the holiday park 24/7 for security purposes only.

Siren: the local siren will ring once every day at midday. If it rings more than once at any time day or night it will be a call out to our emergency volunteers.

Smoking: smoking is not permitted in self-contained units, standard cabins, park caravans or amenities block. Please be considerate of others – we recommend smoking outside the holiday park.

Speed: As there can be many children in the park during peak times the vehicle and bike speed is limited to a WALKING pace only.

Tap Water: All tap water is from town supply and safe for drinking.

Tents: Electricity can only be connected through a proper ‘camping cord’ which can be hired from the Office, if available. Booking in advance is recommended. Or you can purchase one from a hardware store.

Visitors: Visitors are at Management discretion. Visitors must sign in at the Office, stay no longer than 2 hours and are not to use the park amenities. Visitors wishing to stay longer can pay a Visitor Rate at the Office. Visitors are Guests’ responsibility and consideration for other Guests must be taken. Visitors need to leave their vehicles outside the holiday park and leave the park by 9pm.

Wifi: Wireless internet is available – see the Office for prices.